Fraud Protection

At Break Time Vape, we take fraud and theft very seriously. To prevent these things from happening to any consumer / credit card holder, we implemented several systems to catch fraudulent purchases before the transactions have been shipped out. For most transactions we are able to accept a quick form of verification where the order member submit's a photo ID, held up next to their face. This shows that the order member is a participant in the order process which allows us to clear the order for shipment. All sensitive information does not need to be shown, our main concern is the name, address, DOB and photo, for matching. 


In more severe situations, an full account verification may be required. This means, at our discretion, we will cancel any order that we believe is fraudulent, or, was found to be fraudulent and will refund the full amount back to the card which was used to create that order. This is to protect all credit card holders from fraud. (We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we feel is creating, or has created a fraudulent purchase on our website)